Murmuration: Rojas Aesthetics

Early this summer, just as the first esthetician services were green-lit by the governor, Miranda Rojas moved into a small shop space on Seventh Ave S. between King and Jackson. If a person drew a diagonal line from the Wing Luke to Trichome, her shared studio would be at the midpoint. As part of our overall goal to support our neighborhood and all the fine folks doing business here, we talked to Miranda about Rojas Aesthetics, her first season doing business in the neighborhood, and hope and adaptation—two of our favorite on-going topics. 

“I had a great summer in the C.I.D. I befriended the woman who owns Colors Abloom (a flower and plant shop next to my studio space) and ate a bunch of amazing food. I basically have tofu nigiri for breakfast everyday. I'm in the studio and I'll do takeout from Maneki, King Noodle, or Pho Bac at least once a week. I try to encourage my clients to make their trek to my studio an experience—not just a one-stop thing. I truly think they enjoy the cultural aspect of the neighborhood and taking time out of their day to explore and (hopefully!) slow down. The C.I.D is central to so many neighborhoods and has so much to offer the people of Seattle. And I think it's really overlooked. Women of color and immigrants are the least funded businesses and I'm hoping people can think about these businesses for their holiday shopping.”

“I find hope in nature. I find hope in Gen Z. I find hope in my friends. I find hope in mutual aid. I find hope in decolonizing 'wellness.' I find joy and ease in the trees. Or around the water. Snuggling with my dog. And cooking!”

“I hope that more people make intentional choices with their $ and support businesses in the C.I.D. I also hope to see more genuine community building and an unlearning of the patriarchal and capitalist mindset. In the beauty space, I'd love to see more resonance with our ancestors. And a self-defined approach to beauty! And I hope Seattle returns the land to the Duwamish people.”

“As a first gen child of an immigrant, adaptation (and being full of grit) is just in my blood and spirit. One of the pillars of my business is education so [a recent move to Patreon] was kind of an easy pivot for me. I love researching and exploring so it's been fun to incorporate all the things that light up my brain and put them out on a platform. I don't think of myself just as an esthetician, I truly believe all aspects of our life are connected. So, when I make a post about inflammation of the skin I'm also exploring stress management, our emotional well-being, how we move in the world, how we nourish ourselves, the relationships we have to nature and to others.” 

“It is a lot to juggle. Honestly, I'm finding power in therapy. And learning more about myself as a task-orientated "do-er." I do find my rituals to be an important part of my morning and definitely helps set myself up for success. I'm practicing slowing down, making my adaptogen coffee...taking my supplements...listening to music....looking at the trees...getting grounded in nourishment.” - Miranda Rojas