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In collaboration with our friend, The Ceremony Doula – Pylon Market presented a different kind of dance party, on the darkest night of the year to line up with the Winter Solstice of 2021. This was a follow-up experience to Pylon Inter Medial 2 and we wanted to feature it as a private event with a natural wine bar, snacks, and live DJ sets curated by Apt E. EMBRACE was a space to move, to commune with your own darker parts, and to be in levity of community from sunset to midnight on the longest night of the year.  The...

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Midtown Maker's Market

  Invited to be a part of a winter pop-up market, we meticulously picked then packed our inventory and headed to the small industrial street of Terry Ave. North in South Lake Union. There, we joined with local artists and filled the room with wares, prints, one of a kind clothing and accessories. It was truly a wonderful community event to be a part of at the end of December. The room was filled to the brim with very talented artists from different parts of town and shoppers were able to taste through delicious coffee, cake and savory bites. We met...

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Chopsticks In A Bundle Are Unbreakable - Mural for Pylon

Chopsticks in a Bundle Are Unbreakable • Listen as Moses and Tan reflect on what they each brought to this mural project and how they both felt connected and directed by history, culture, and purpose.     We Introduced Moses Sun and Tan Nguyen earlier this summer––not because they're styles or projects are similar, but because they're different and it seemed as though a meaningful and generative interplay was possible. We introduced them because ultimately we were hoping to commission a piece of public art in the form of a mural; we wanted to offer something to the neighborhood and...

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