Shimao Kiso

Ceramics made in Seto City, Aichi Prefecture.

Shimao creates vessels that haves a lean form, strength in layers, and a strong presence. The Oribe ceramic pieces of Shimao have a uniquely beautiful shade of color and uses deep colors that evoke the image of outer space. The shape of the utsuwa (vessel) conveys beauty when food is served on it.

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Large Flower Vase, WhiteLarge Flower Vase, WhiteLarge Flower Vase, White

Shimao Kiso

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Large Flower Vase, White, 595

Beautiful white porcelain vase with subtle grace and a bold shape. Leave to be admired by itself, decorate with a tall twig or a bright floral stem. 

  • Made in Seto City, Aichi Prefecture Japan
  • Rim Ø: 3cm, height: 13cm, foot Ø: 10cm