Inter Medial 2

With an extension of stay for the 666 South King Street space, the inkling in ourselves that we still had a lot more to share and the handful of folks who let us know they’d love to make it to the next one.. we started brainstorming ahead for Inter Medial 2.

We postponed our pre-booked research visit to Berlin due to the introduction of the omicron variant. This gave us significantly more time for planning and preparation while we wrestled on the side with determining what the state of the world would bring next in all our paths.

One of our longtime inspirations | Inside Ernst in Berlin

After productive conversations with close by community, business leaders and putting safety measures in place – we reorganized, re-merchandised and again found intimate collaboration with talented friends and family.   


The day before we opened for holiday shopping, the Seattle Times article written by Rain Embuscado featuring Pylon Market was published. We were quite humbled to be included and at the same time ecstatic to share our small story with the many readers of this city. The first guests through our doors on Saturday December 11th were indeed Seattle Times readers who were curious to see and experience this pop-up for themselves after the article. Folks slowly trickled in one by one after that. There were many passersby walking by our doorway then entering after speaking to Cameron about what was happening inside. There were industry friends coming by to show their support, determined shoppers graciously making us one of their weekend pop-up stops, neighborhood recommendation seekers discussing their favorite shops, as well as plenty of good people staying to hear about the artists while eating through the featured chef’s menu and tasting through our Terada Honke Co. sake list.

Chef Jesse Barber nourished us with tacos, tamales, persimmon caesar salad and tres leches on Saturday. Sunday’s menu was presented by the one and only Jonnah Ayala once again with bright versions of take-out favorites. ‘Phase Mimic’ a video installment by Ruben Griggs filled our walls throughout the two days and Deejays Kool Wax joined us for an evening dance party with a world, dance, funk, electronic and indie underground vinyl set.  

Colville sweaters received the winter spotlight, Shun Kumagai’s glass pieces kept visitors in awe, new art books from Daido Moriyama and Sebastian Reuze left the building with a happy silent hum.