Murmurations: Carmen Daneshmandi

This is the first iteration of our Murmurations series—a sort of catchall title for the conversations we’re having with friends near and far as we share ideas about what life is and what it can be as we move forward. 

Appropriately, artist and photographer Carmen Daneshmandi leads the way. Based between Spain and New York and of Iranian and Spanish heritage, Carmen’s world is an amalgam of perspectives and contexts; the light seems to fall a little differently when she’s there to catch it, and she always, always shows us a new way of seeing. Knowing that her favorite people are spread across the globe, we asked her to share ideas about REUNIONS—and some of her chermeric docu-narrative images. “I am excited to reunite with my family and friends, nature, a sense of momentum. It’s an energy thing, an exchange—that feeling of nurturing you get when you are surrounded by your people, your places. You purge the mental muck that gets stored in your body and the release leaves you with love enzymes, you leave in a better, more regenerative state than when you came. And you give that too,” she shared.“I’m big on touch so while there hasn’t been a lack of contact with friends and family around the world, it’s not the same as sitting across a table or hugging or saying an idea out loud in front of someone who really knows you,” Carmen continued. “This quarantine has also shut down a couple larger creative projects and family trips to Iran, so once it’s safe to travel again I am really craving being back in the country and picking back up on family time and inspiration there.” 

“Big time dreaming of the ocean, of getting out of my hot concrete surroundings and finding myself back to my favorite place on earth,” Carmen reflected, and connected her sentiments with her imagery. “The real solitude I get from floating in the ocean is so much different than the forced solitude of being at home. I would also do anything to dance in a place outside of my own living room in a big way with all my friends and family after having eaten a really amazing, delicious potluck-style meal of all our favorite foods. Feast on the dinner table and on the dance floor!”