Right Now: Yusho Kobayashi

Tokyo-based Yusho Kobayashi is the first designer to weigh in on our series “Right Now,” which works like a sort of barometer for these times. 

There’s a crazy-quilt energy to Yusho’s work that feels emotive, romantic, and very tender, so we were especially curious to understand how the Central Saint Martins-trained maker was faring amid the restrictions and difficulties in Japan. 

“I realize I really love fashion in these days,” he told us. “Life is not much different as before; I have worked at my studio, but around me is getting different—I could not buy fabrics, every shop is closing, my pop-up shop is cancelled. But I am just making same as before.” 

“Fashion should be a tool of communication and make people happy,” the designer reflected. “This time makes fashion separate its communication tools from its capitalist tools. I will use my garments as a communication tool. I keep connecting with who I work with and who I collaborate with. We are starting new projects.” 

“What does life look like now?,” he reflected, “1. I am starting an upcycle collection. Making items such as remakes from second-hand clothes (some of them were given by friends) and waste made from a bag factory. 2. I am making a resort collection, ‘Yusho Kobayashi Indoor Club.’ 3. And I am exchanging a diary between myself and photographer Kanade Hamamoto.”