Shohei Ono

Born in Aichi prefecture in 1985 and currently making pottery in Kōchi Prefecture, Japan. Shohei was raised watching his father, the potter Teppei Ono, making things with his hands.


Shohei started off in pottery making his own pots using clay that he dug from the mountains, and glazes that he made from scratch. He makes pieces that take into consideration what the person holding the object will feel when they touch the piece. 

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Blue Ash Glaze DishBlue Ash Glaze DishBlue Ash Glaze DishBlue Ash Glaze DishBlue Ash Glaze Dish

Shohei Ono

Blue Ash Glaze Dish, 48

Mesmerizing dish made for any occasion. The blue ash glaze is not produced by using a glaze that turns blue. It is the iron in the soil that Shohei digs and the iron in the ashes of the glaze that he blends during the firing process that creates this bright color.

  • Made in Kōchi Prefecture, Japan
  • Food safe grade
  • Each piece may have slight variations in size and color
    • Rim Ø: 15.5cm-16.5cm, height: 3.5cm-4cm, foot Ø: 8.5cm, weight: 322.6 grams