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Ầu Ơ Ví Dầu HoodieẦu Ơ Ví Dầu HoodieẦu Ơ Ví Dầu Hoodie


Ầu Ơ Ví Dầu Hoodie, 90

Mother’s love (Tình Mẫu Tử) has always been the symbol in Vietnamese history & literature. Perhaps because it’s something that’s ordinary yet extraordinary at the same time. Or perhaps through years of wars, of colonialism, of imperialism, it makes sense that something as simple as the love between a mother & her children is able to unite everyone despite their differences.

Patch Work HoodiePatch Work HoodiePatch Work HoodiePatch Work HoodiePatch Work HoodiePatch Work Hoodie

Yusho Kobayashi

  • S
  • M
  • L

Patch Work Hoodie, 185

A casual yet standout piece from Yusho’s collaged and patchworked collection, this hooded pullover is as classic and standard as it is eclectic. Black with various hand-sewn details.

  • Made in Japan
  • 100% cotton
  • Machine wash cold; do not tumble dry
  • Each piece is unique 
Remix KnitRemix KnitRemix KnitRemix Knit

Yusho Kobayashi

  • OS

Remix Knit, 200

Made up of no less than four upcycled sweaters and landing somewhere between cardigan, crewneck pullover, and modern soft sculpture, this patchworked knit is the ultimate statement piece. 

  • Made in Japan; one of a kind