In an era of limitless things,

the use of any single object

becomes an important act

of self expression 

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At Pylon we believe in self expression as a means of social transformation; in honing our purest visions, we can more clearly see the interconnectedness of self, society, and the natural world. With this discernment, we become catalyzed. 

We believe that beauty is virtuous; that food, art, music and the daily tools we use should be of the highest integrity. The use of any single object is an act of volition, and we intend to introduce items that fortify your best intentions. Our marketplace, gallery, and open exchange focuses on the artist’s mind, the maker’s hand, and the user’s unique experience.

Pylon is committed to trust, regeneration, humor, and growth, for these are vital ingredients of shared prosperity. We’re committed to our neighborhood, our community, and our planet—and to the notion that each of us has a vital role to play as we move forward. 

Digitally and physically, Pylon is both a place to connect and a point of departure. It’s an opportunity to see, hear, and experience anew. To share resources and help architect a shift. We place our trust in the utility of romance, and the romance of utility.



Pylon Market

664 South King Street Seattle, WA 98104

(Coming Spring 2022)

Gift Shop

674 South King Street Seattle, WA 98104

(Now Open)


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