Cut Off 008 Book + Vinyl Set


Set includes 1 Book and 1 Vinyl
Published by Iikki Books

Dmitri Markov, Book

Russian documentary photographer. His only camera is an iPhone; he likes traveling around the country and taking pictures of ordinary lives of ordinary people. 

Limited edition to 500 copies; hand-numbered
Munken print white paper
30 cm x 22 cm; 112 pates, 88 photos


Aries Mond, Vinyl

After first working with field recordings, Aries Mond found musical instruments—primarily the piano—in 2012.  he records from the Pyrénées in Southern France.

Limited edition to 500 copies; hand-numbered
DMM cut, 12” white colored 180 gram vinyl
Matte-laminated outer sleeve
UV selective varnish on 350 gram paper